Friday, October 4, 2013

Looking on up....

So friends, I just got word that Frankenstitch was accepted to vend @ the Flint Handmade Holiday Craft Market, woo hoo happy about that!! It's been a full year since the last craft show!! I'm ready to go full force this year with the business, I've been hoarding on to this crafty energy it's been pent up some time now and I'm ready!! (past ready) Glad to be back in the saddle again, hope to see some familiar & new faces at the show ;)

I had an eventful week not only did I get into FHHCM but I'm back into the swing of sewing, started back up at the gym with my best girls and soaked up some beautiful Fall weather at the park with my little ladies, life is good!! Hope all of you have a splendid weekend!!


meet Pinny the beaver


Batacorn Feather Salonda
(their names came from the brilliant mind of Olive Mae age 4)

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Monsta Contest!!!

It's that time of year again!!
Last years contest was a hoot
Lucy meets Margon Lucy is the little artist that won the contest last Fall. I can't wait to see the monstas submitted this year ;) If anyone has questions just hollar!! Good luck boys and ghouls!!

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Getting back in the swing of things in the crafting/ social media world...........

Hi friends long time, so since I've entered a new blog there's been a lot of changes in my world. I recently gave birth a lovely baby girl
 Lola Jane who is coming up on 3 months Oct. 15th. this past spring we moved into a bigger home and boy was there nesting.

 Any who this means I'm bout to get back to a routine schedule and balance all the things I love, so be on the look out for new fun things to come!

much love!!
<3 Bills