Friday, October 4, 2013

Looking on up....

So friends, I just got word that Frankenstitch was accepted to vend @ the Flint Handmade Holiday Craft Market, woo hoo happy about that!! It's been a full year since the last craft show!! I'm ready to go full force this year with the business, I've been hoarding on to this crafty energy it's been pent up some time now and I'm ready!! (past ready) Glad to be back in the saddle again, hope to see some familiar & new faces at the show ;)

I had an eventful week not only did I get into FHHCM but I'm back into the swing of sewing, started back up at the gym with my best girls and soaked up some beautiful Fall weather at the park with my little ladies, life is good!! Hope all of you have a splendid weekend!!


meet Pinny the beaver


Batacorn Feather Salonda
(their names came from the brilliant mind of Olive Mae age 4)

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Monsta Contest!!!

It's that time of year again!!
Last years contest was a hoot
Lucy meets Margon Lucy is the little artist that won the contest last Fall. I can't wait to see the monstas submitted this year ;) If anyone has questions just hollar!! Good luck boys and ghouls!!

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Getting back in the swing of things in the crafting/ social media world...........

Hi friends long time, so since I've entered a new blog there's been a lot of changes in my world. I recently gave birth a lovely baby girl
 Lola Jane who is coming up on 3 months Oct. 15th. this past spring we moved into a bigger home and boy was there nesting.

 Any who this means I'm bout to get back to a routine schedule and balance all the things I love, so be on the look out for new fun things to come!

much love!!
<3 Bills

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Another new product not yet mentioned on this blog is our new line of key chains

 What's New

Frankenstitch is now making dried herb filled key chains so not only are they cute they smell awesome, you gotta go on and get chu one ;D

mohawked owl looking good and smelling better

they're waiting to clip on to your key chain or back pack 
so get over to the shop and check em out ;)

Key chains and Valentines orders are whats on the table tonight- 

cheers~ Happy Super Bowl watching!!

NEW on deck--- amoeba squeaks and catnip euglenas!!

didn't want to leave anybody out so we are now stocking

eu·gle·na  (y-gln)
Any of various minute single-celled freshwater organisms of the genus Euglena, characterized by the presence of chlorophyll, a reddish eyespot, and a single anterior flagellum.

Plush euglenas for your kittays housing organic catnip
my kitties are Jealy!! They stalked me the entire process of creating these protists

And for the Dogs

a·moe·ba also a·me·ba  (-mb)
n. pl. a·moe·bas also a·me·bas or a·moe·bae also a·me·bae (-b)
Any of various one-celled aquatic or parasitic protozoans of the genus Amoeba or related genera, having no definite form and consisting of a mass of protoplasm containing one or more nuclei surrounded by a flexible outer membrane. It moves by means of pseudopods.
 Plush Amoeba sqeaks

every so often they'll hit the squeak when they're chewing the sqeaks a little bigger than a quarter

More canine and feline toys to come stay tuned!! <3 <3 <3

Saturday, January 21, 2012

crunch, thanks,....blab

So today was a stressful  packed day hence the 'crunch' of the title.  So last night I chose to slack a little, well I chit chatted on the phone and edited photos which was something to check of the bucket list , just not first, second or third.......heh, whatever it's done. I only say it was stressful because of how mad I was for passing out when I took my 4a.m. nap instead of waking 20 min later, and working till the usual 6:30 a.m.

So today was full of hunks, pickles and toof fairy pillows, wtf - ha sounds a little exciting on paper, well it really wasn't. It was a day where you had to keep reminding yourself to think like a machine, 15 hrs and going strong minus making my kid happy breaks. It was a good day for both Olive and I her projects consisted of paints and markers on paper and she made a mini shrine with her already existing art box housing her model magic Christmas elephants and finger puppet- today she added fake flower heads all around it, it looks super cute too.

So the thanks go out to my dad for coming over with my fav the Flint Crepe Company - iced mocha- the best you ever had! He also ordered Sicily's pizza the bomb biggity, so good. Seeing how I had the six foot table set up with more projects than the average day can handle.... he took over lil Miss Olive Maes demands and kept her happy. I powered through the mother load of hunks, yep right in front of every body- lol. Pickles one even has a bad back haha think my dad inspired that one. I finished up a couple key chains and my 2nd pregnant with removable baby monsta. So I'm gonna say it was a good day! ;)

Also I'd like to make a special thanks to Sarah Reed for all the tips and time she donated to helping me with the camera- she helped select a nice point and shoot Fuji camera for table top photography and answered an array of most likely whiney questions ha and was nice and super helpful every time.  I also received a few pointers from my girl Amelia's hub about photoshop and editing thanks Jason. I am gonna be doing my own photography until I have enough revenue to pay out and still have money left I'm about to get there, because I have just made this my full time job, not having a paper check can be scary scary in the wrong situation, but I truly believe if you want something bad enough with enough hard work and determination you can make anything happen, nothing to it but to do it.   

So the blab starts here.............

So the latest latest would have to be that Frankenstitch Productions has made into boutiques and we are totally stoked about it and hope to have F.P. in every state by the end of 2012, that's my dream soon to come true.

So needless to say since I retired my apron for slanging' sandwiches full time - I've been sewing all time- busier than ever and feeling good bout it.

**We also made a few minor packaging/presentation upgrades for you all-

New bags for craft show, monsta show off

and coming anyday butt tags for the monstas

The name header up at the tip tip top is a sweet gift from Katie Cawood from thanksagain lady!!

For any of you who remember the hater that dissed me on the mlive artice - if no here it is
Well lets just say I've had friends that have let assholes like this one ruin em not I, I used that trolls bad juju and went to town creating him and let me tell you it's for sure the way to deal with these people, cause I will have to say it was the most fun I've had in quit some time cutting a monsta- haha so Mr. J.C. I want to thank you for breaking the mind volt and letting me take F.P. to another level disgust haha I love it- deuces to all and to all a good night - over out Roger that!

Custom Love Bugs

 Two peas in a pod

Friday, December 16, 2011

update on the biz

So the latest awesomeness @ Frankenstitch would be the new tags created by I am solely working for Frankenstitch Productions full time and figure it's time to dress up the monstas and get them out world wide in boutiques, that's my next goal. All I know is I want the monstalove to grow, where ever I end up I want to spread the love. I figure being in Flint its gonna be rather hard to have a steady income selling monstas, so since I am still here I am planning on reaching my arms out wide and delivering my furry friends to kitschy little boutiques nation wide.


and this is the back

The new tags allow the customer to enter their monstas name into the blogs search bar and see his or her story and pic. I found the site looks better if entered into a computer rather than a smart phone, but it has that option too, you can scan the code and it will take you to there blog "hello my name is..." where all the monstas are properly introduced. 

The stories are a big part of my monstas and I've just now came up with a way to deliver- since I've made thousands of monstas we are starting fresh with the stories and pics to keep it fresh and smooth.

So whats been going on since you quit your paper check job Mrs. Bills- Guzak....

So as most of you Flinty's know I quit my waitress hustle well kinda I work 2.5 hrs a week on Friday and special events for extra weekend money, and to keep my social circles a go. I have transformed into a stay at home mom, with my wild child mini me. Things have been awesome mostly we've been enjoying our time as a family together while the hub is home. I have built a schedule of a nice routined day for both Olive and I which will go into effect once dad goes back to work, as for now it's a free for all. I have been hustling out ideas and trying to keep the pages fresh updated and communication with my clients good. I have 3 customs out of 14 left they're cut and on the table...... last night I had to push them aside and get some monsta fun up in the mix. I have cut 38 new guys since I went full bore with F.P.

Super excited I have a slue of new eyes about to arrive in the next couple weeks and a full stock of furs and fleece, enough to keep me busy for some time. 

Thanks for stopping by <3 Big love and Happy Holla-days to all of ya!!