Sunday, October 30, 2011

Yesterdays Flint Horror con was a lot of fun

The Flint Horror Con was a blast! It was put together very thoroughly from the music to keeping the vendors overly satisfied. The event opened at 12pm and went till 10pm. It was so nice to see friends faces who I had not seen in a very long time, that's one of the things most missed now that I'm a momma. I met a lot of new people at the show too one girl from Cyclops kitty photography commissioned me to make her a cyclops kitty. The event was catered for the vendors lunch and dinner provided by the lovely Amy Warner from Sweet Harvest bakery - she ended up hooking me up with a traveler box of coffee which yes, I shared for most of you that know me oh to well but after ever one was good you best believe I took the rest home. Thanks friends for your hospitality I love you all and so does Olive <3

Happy Halloween boys and ghouls

Proto was a freak of a man even before the zombie disease took over his body. Proto has been a crazed ax swinging freak of nature, Proto was released from prison with a passion to cut the forest down he has busy hands and swears an idle mind is the devils play ground keeping this in mind he keeps real busy. His ax was misplaced for real but soon to be found in the sewing room of Steph Bills.
Lola was left high and dry at the alter, she was pulverized by a hangry freak zombie. Lola wanders the street in hopes to find her husband to be, she gets distracted due to her unfortunate craving for big juicy braaaainssssss. Make lola yours today.
Romi was a hitch hiker gone sour. Romi was in the middle of know where hitching on and empty desert highway. Romi's lost his appendages to a hungry beast of a zombie who was axed in the back of the head right as he ripped the flesh off to expose his ever delicious heart. Romi and his (at one point) 'worst enemy' kick it and run the streets at night as a the wrecking crew.
Lobotomy Leny walked the halls of stale air in the McLullen insane asylum, day in and day out. After a radio alert- zombies were raiding the city!! The hospitals automatic doors locked shut to protect the patients - Leny was no where to be seen while the nurses were doing a head count. Nurse Trish ran down screaming Leny's name through out all the floors hallsways- she finally spotted him it was too late Leny had stumbled out the emergency exit and been held hostage to a super HAAANgry zombie who had already devoured his smoke smothered skin. Larry is still kicking it zombie style and has a new urge to feed.
Rip Rodge was ripped up one side and down the other lost in the woods Rodge was devoured by a hungry pack of wild wolf zombies they tore him apart his zombie venom filtered so fast to his brain the flesh rotted and out popped his zombied brain. The wolves took his appendages one by one and left his zombified brain for the birds. Rodge is a troubled fellow, he loves to big to carry on the typical zombie condition. Rip Rodge was so exhausted after the attack that all he ever wants is to lounge and be fed bon bons to forget about the pain.
Lanard was attacked on a dark alley by a zombie cyclops who was jealous of Lanards 2 eyes. The zombie clops used his claw to snatch Lenards eye, luckily Lanard had his whooping stick on hand and beat that mother down!! Lanard has hand crafted a belt with holsters for the zombies brains once he snatches them up he's golden he leaves them for death. Lanard has been attacked numerous times to there on going appetite for brains and human flesh, Lanards body has many stories to tell. His heart was ripped out by a Vulcan when he stopped to gel the zombie rot with his potion of skin touch up. Good thing Lanard was equipped with that whooping stick he beat him down too. Lanard lost his appendages due to fights that he does not loose, he plans on keeping his whacking arm golden, who wants to battle??

Where to start.....

I am a fiber artist that’s been sewing whimsical storied plush for the last 7 or so years but sewing for 10 years. When I started sewing it was all by hand and mostly pouches with monstas stitched on. I enjoy sewing freely with no planned patterns just me and a pair of fiskars letting loose on a fresh piece of fleece or whatever fabric is calling the scissors names.  In 2006 I was jury-ed into red-ink (Flint) studios where I was challenged to think outside the box as to creating themed soft sculpture. I believe it helped me stay on track with follow through, for there were deadlines that needed to be meet. Red-ink was an awesome collective to be a part of, 24 hour access to a gigantic studio, there was always a few artist no matter what time you pulled up.
These days I am  creating whimsical plush at a new speed,  for I rely heavily on my right hand lady- Dream boat, she is my sewing machine we have spent some late nights together. I also get a lot of help from my cousin Marcy shes the techie of Frankenstitch production she has an etsy  that I will link to my blog the shops called mailbox bliss she makes fantastic digital file greetings and all my etsy facelifts and is the best. I also have a bomb ass photographer Sarah Reed shes a flint local and is a wizard with the camera- I too will link her site on my blog- all of my new photos are done by her, I’m try to step the level of professionalism up a few notches for my big move to PA where my husbands currently been working for 6 month’s…. I am planning on being a stay at home mom with my daughter Olive Mae at that point in my life I will be relying heavily on Frankenstitch as my income. I am concentrating on giving F.P. my all to get it off the ground, its what I love and have always dreamed of it being my full time job!! If you are down for this adventure stay tuned to the blog for future projects, fan photos, future events and other happenings- thanks for reading… hope to talk soon <3 <3 Steph