Friday, December 16, 2011

update on the biz

So the latest awesomeness @ Frankenstitch would be the new tags created by I am solely working for Frankenstitch Productions full time and figure it's time to dress up the monstas and get them out world wide in boutiques, that's my next goal. All I know is I want the monstalove to grow, where ever I end up I want to spread the love. I figure being in Flint its gonna be rather hard to have a steady income selling monstas, so since I am still here I am planning on reaching my arms out wide and delivering my furry friends to kitschy little boutiques nation wide.


and this is the back

The new tags allow the customer to enter their monstas name into the blogs search bar and see his or her story and pic. I found the site looks better if entered into a computer rather than a smart phone, but it has that option too, you can scan the code and it will take you to there blog "hello my name is..." where all the monstas are properly introduced. 

The stories are a big part of my monstas and I've just now came up with a way to deliver- since I've made thousands of monstas we are starting fresh with the stories and pics to keep it fresh and smooth.

So whats been going on since you quit your paper check job Mrs. Bills- Guzak....

So as most of you Flinty's know I quit my waitress hustle well kinda I work 2.5 hrs a week on Friday and special events for extra weekend money, and to keep my social circles a go. I have transformed into a stay at home mom, with my wild child mini me. Things have been awesome mostly we've been enjoying our time as a family together while the hub is home. I have built a schedule of a nice routined day for both Olive and I which will go into effect once dad goes back to work, as for now it's a free for all. I have been hustling out ideas and trying to keep the pages fresh updated and communication with my clients good. I have 3 customs out of 14 left they're cut and on the table...... last night I had to push them aside and get some monsta fun up in the mix. I have cut 38 new guys since I went full bore with F.P.

Super excited I have a slue of new eyes about to arrive in the next couple weeks and a full stock of furs and fleece, enough to keep me busy for some time. 

Thanks for stopping by <3 Big love and Happy Holla-days to all of ya!!

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  1. I didn't know you quit TLS! Congrats on the new adventure; sounds like you're already having a ton of fun!